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Case studies/ some successful works done under the – Govindpur Panchayat, North Bastar Kanker, Chhattisgarh

Developing healthy social norms:  
The Govindpur panchayat of Kanker block of district Kanker — has taken a lead role to demonstrate by example that how the Panchayati Raj Act — can be actually translated into the actions. The panchayat bear the social responsibility and is being accountable towards each citizen of the society. In this regards some of the steps taken up by the panchayats are being narrated as pert the following: 
From the ancient period it was recognized that — local development can only be realized — when there is an ownership and voluntary contribution for the common cause. The gram panchayat have internalized the need of culminating this strength of the society and have been utilizing every opportunity to demonstrate that what the people together can achieve without the extra support from outside. The community together has been motivated to construct 3 Chubtaras (meeting place) for the social consultations in different part of the Ai village. The costs of these 3 chabutaras is approximately Rs 60,000/-. Besides this the work of street sanitation, cleaning of the waste disposal, cleaning of the village drainage system, soak-pit construction and pond cleaning etc has been among the factors that demonstrate the local initiatives towards a healthy environment around. 
The SHGs, youth club and panchayat together contributes towards the need of supporting the poor people during the medical and other Theses instinct and togetherness for the needy persons make the people of the panchayat more close to each other. The mutual supporting environment of villagers — lead them to have a greater self respect. (For example in funeral - Smt. Asha Malway, Mr. Tiku Ram Chandrakar — got support from the village community & for health issues- economic support to Smt. Dhrupad Kurray (RTI/STI problem), Shri Shakil Viswakarma (leaver and kidney issue etc)) 
requirements such as funeral etc. 
There is a process of coming together — for the marriage of the persons, that do not have enough economic resources. The panchayat and provide support is such cases. 
In addition Mr. Hem Lal son of Mr. Surendra Pal, marriage was scheduled with a girl named Tarini below 18 years. In these impasse condition the panchayat itself came forward to have consultation with family & stopped the marriage- to avoid under age marriage as per the Act. Though the same marriage was been facilitated by the panchayat once the girl become >18 year olds and boy above 21 years. 
These issues are among some of the cases that build the community respect from their society 
and panchayat & developing these habits as a social norm