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Best Practices of GP Dharamgarh, Block Lohara, District‐Kabirdham

In three tier system of Panchayati Raj, Dharamgarh Panchayat of Lohara Janpad of
Kabirdham is trying in a better way to implement all rights and responsibility given
by the Govt. One side of the Gram Panchayat is now it moving towards  a
developmental  way  through  various  constructive  work,  and  the  other  side  under
various philanthropic planning, it's committed to reach to poorest of the poor of the
society through better implementation of Govt. Scheme & Programs.
Most of the time Sarpanch is present in panchayat office and trying to redress all the
grievances of the public. Both Gram Panchayat Secretary and employment assistant
always  ensure  their  presence.  Now  people  are  happy  with  the  working  procedure
and governance of the panchayat.
Effective steps have taken by Gram Panchayat through ANM and Mitanin in the area
of public health and family welfare. Gram Panchayat is unabatedly trying to achieve
the  target  through  promotion  of  institutional  delivery,  vaccination & family
Schemes for the welfare of helpers & physically challenged persons  are
implementing fruitfully.  All the pension beneficiaries ensure to open their savings
account  at  Post  office  through  Gram  Panchayat  .  Certificates  are  distributed  to  all
physically  challenge  after  their  complete  health  checkup.  Gram Panchayat  has
played  an  important  role  for  ensuring  the  physically  challenged for their pension
and other material support. 
under  MNREGA,  Jyoti  SHG  has  taken  these  ponds  on  lease  for  fishery  for  5  yrs;
through  fishery the SHG is getting it's income approximate, Rs.75000/‐  per annum. 
All the members of the group are getting direct benefit.

The  name  of  this  panchayat  has  proposed  for  clean  village  (Nirmal  Gram). 
Lavatories are constructing in the house of BPL families. Both Gram Panchayt Staff
and villagers are cleaning around the hand pumps in the name of better community

It is running by Village Service Cooperative Society and for it's  better
implementation  monitoring  committee  has  formed  at  panchayat  level.  The
committee is monitoring / investigating the ration shop and trying to ensure better
service is being provided to the beneficiaries. 
Recently legal add clinic established in GP Dharamgarh to provide free legal service.
In  the  year  2011  15  August,  bharat  mata  bahini  was  established  for  poverty
alleviation program through the BMB,  GP is trying to do some creativity to empanel
dharamgarh in a better position In the District.